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Saint Louis Art Fair

2016 Ceramics Artists

Marilyn Andrews

Plainfield, MA

Booth #610

My work is hand built using stoneware clays. I paint on clay slips, bisque fire, add & wash off black slips, blow on a thinned, matt glaze to heighten the color and details. I fire to cone 5 in an electric kiln. The images are reflections on my life, what’s in me and observed around me. In the pieces, I can express meanings that differ from those I can reach through language.

Mike Bose

Bedford, IA

Booth #236

My old school raku forms reflect interests in archaeology and paleontology. The timeless nature of my ceramics has been allowed to follow an evolution of its own. I've exhibited and sold my work at quality art fairs throughout the US since the 1980's.


Paveen "Beer" Chunhaswasdikul

Gadsden, AL

Booth #609

I used to be an auto mechanic, now I'm a full time potter. My pottery are mostly thrown on the potter's wheel in sections, altered, and assembled with some slab made parts. I do not cast nor use a mold of any kind.


Richard Cohen

Evanston, IL

Booth #228

Hand thrown white earthenware clay, stenciled designs, airbrushed underglazes 8 layers each color, hand painted clear glaze; 3 firings. Each vessel one-of-a-kind.


Paul Eshelman

Elizabeth, IL

Booth #507

Functional pottery is my cultural attempt, to bring order and human dignity to the merely physical act of consuming food and drink. The pieces are made using a casting process in molds I design and make. Clarity is given to my simple forms by contrasting glazed and unglazed surfaces. Based on function and the visual language of symmetry and asymmetry.


Nathan Falter

Springfield, MO

Booth #505

Clay is my passion. I use a limited pallet of very sensitive glazes and fire often in a small kiln. I’m trying to see the whole process: how a piece is made, how the surface is addressed, how it is fired, and finally how will it be used. I’m trying to compress this process into a moment of clarity; a poetic moment where the piece reveals itself.


Jennifer Falter

Springfield, MO

Booth #504

With the potter’s wheel, I create clean, classic, and uncomplicated porcelain vessels dressed in intricate pattern. The pure white canvas of porcelain provides a contrast between the liquid black slip and sgraffito imagery of quiet nature or whimsical narrative pictorials. My pieces invite viewers to investigate through touch, sight, and use.


Delores Fortuna

Galena, IL

Booth #615

Forming function, a dance, often a tug of war, between thought and object making. Working with clays as materially responsive as porcelain and surfaces only possible through glass fusion creates a dynamic that becomes a life-long fascination. My work uses basic wheel thrown shapes with clays and glazes of my own formulation, fired to stoneware temps (2374 F) in a gas reducing fiber kiln. My glasses are food safe, microwave and dishwashing stable.


Nancy Gardner & Burton Isenstein

Oak Park, IL

Booth #320

Handbuilt earthenware vessels. Each piece is hand decorated with multiple layers of underglaze and glaze.

John Herbon

Saint Ignace, MI

Booth #600

A native of Southern California, John has been making pottery since the early 1970s. He has made Michigan’s Upper Peninsula his home for the past twenty years. His appreciation of the early craftsman style, with its Japanese influence, has been the inspiration for his work. His goal is to create pottery that is timeless in its appeal for generations to enjoy.


Robert Hessler

Kingston, NY

Booth #517

I concentrate on creating simple and elegant forms in porcelain on the potter’s wheel and creating glazes. A full time potter for 16 years, my forms and glazes have grown together. Discovery of a new glaze inspires new forms, and vise versa. It's a marriage of control and precision coupled with volatility and chance with symbiotic and serendipitous end results.


Peter Karner

Denver, CO

Booth #204

Individually created by wheel & hand building, fired in a brick gas kiln (2300 F) in a heavy reduction atmosphere, decorated in multiple layers with wax-resist and brushwork methods. I intend to create modern, yet timeless work that embodies the soulful expression of my love of flowers, food, and still life.


Jenny Mendes & Mark Roegner

Chesterland, OH

Booth #603

Jenny and Mark pinch & sculpt, listening to the terracotta clay, as it speaks through their hands. Each piece is made individually with minimal tools, and becomes a small universe unto itself. The surface is painted with underglazes and hand colored terra sigillatas. The decorations act as a portal for the viewer to weave into their own personal stories.


Kyle Osvog

Minneapolis, MN

Booth #605

My work is slab built stoneware which I hand carve with elemental. precision, geometric imagery.


Jim & Shirl Parmentier

Mars Hill, NC

Booth #124

Since 1975, we have worked as a team. All Hand built stoneware vessels using coils and slabs. Each vessel is then altered and carved. The ash glaze then flows into the carving and is fired to cone 10. Our style is first with its form. Form and proportion must fit the flow of the vessel. With this continuity of form, alteration, carving and fluid glazes the vessel is complete.


Michael Schwegmann

Bement, IL

Booth #237

Porcelain. All hand formed without the use of casting molds. Glazed and fired to look like aged metal.


Al Scovern

Lexington, KY

Booth #217

My work features wheel-thrown, highly burnished, unglazed stoneware forms that fired primitively with carbon stenciling (one and two step slip resist and carbon trailing) and metallic oxide and salt fuming in clay and aluminum foil saggars. The pieces are non-functional.


John Sellberg

Nashville, TN

Booth #626

The artist creates porcelain vessels on the wheel and with various hand building techniques. The light celadon glazes are contrasted with hand painted streaks of iron and often incorporate a tray to display, organize, and unite the pieces.


Yael Shomroni

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #102

My work is wheel-thrown stoneware that is altered, assembled, glazed with my own formulas, and fired multiple times. I strive to create functional objects that express my artistic voice. Influenced by my time in Jerusalem, my liquor containers pay homage to that brief moment when there was hope that both people, Israelis and Palestinians, could co-exist peacefully.


Gregory Story

Chicago, IL

Booth #308

Gregory Story hand builds, carves, and painstakingly glazes decorative ceramic objects and wall sculpture.  Drawing on architectural influences, fabric design & historical ceramics, he mixes these elements to create Modern Artifacts.


Justin Teilhet

Yellow Springs, OH

Booth #203

I attempt to join simplicity with a dynamic element. I incorporate surface tension, fluid lines, and dynamic surfaces into my work with the intent to visually challenge my audience, while not overwhelming them. Each piece is made on a potter’s wheel from English porcelain, a variety of hand building techniques, traditional glazes and some original formulas.


Rita Vali

Louisville, CO

Booth #627

I want my pots to be used in daily life. In our hurried world, using hand-made objects give us a moment to slow down, observe, and feel satisfied. I combine modern form with bold graphic patterns inspired from the richness and diversity of everywhere. I combine wheel-thrown and altered pieces with slab elements, coaxing form and surface decoration to interplay in a symbiotic way. 


Andrew Van Assche

Plainfield, MA

Booth #612

Since 1976, I have used slab-building to create my forms. Building with slabs allowing an architectural approach to form. I decorate with clay slips, underglaze pencil and sgraffito to make sharp lines. My decorative imagery ranges from patterning to minimalist narrative. I use stoneware clay fired to cone 4 in oxidation.

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