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Saint Louis Art Fair

2016 Jewelry Artists

Nicolette Absil

Philadelphia, PA

Booth #629

My work focuses on enameling, the ancient art of fusing glass to metal, in a more contemporary manner. Nature as my inspiration, I illustrate serene & delicate imagery that I fuse into enamel & set in hand-made settings. Recently, I have focused on repeating forms & exploring and capturing different stages of a flowers existence.

Eric & Melynda Candee

Salida, CO

Booth #239

GOOD CARMA JEWELRY is made from vintage auto metal, other reclaimed metals & stainless steel. Reducing waste and conserving resources, we “UPCYCLE” old cars into fun, fabulous, wearable ART JEWELRY! Made in Salida Colorado, by Eric & Melynda Candee.

Lisa Colby

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #311

The process of working metal has had a mesmerizing effect on me; so much that it’s held my attention for the past thirty years. Metal has plasticity to it, allowing it to be manipulated by hammer, fire and ones hands. I create jewelry from sterling silver with a sculptural, organic quality to it. It is my hope that my pieces are enjoyed for a lifetime.

Nichole Collins

Yates Center, KS

Booth #310

I received my BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design and studied at Lahti Polytechnic in Finland. My jewelry is created using abstract geometric forms with an emphasis on asymmetrical line. I design my work to have an industrial and delicate feel by using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as fusing, forging, and riveting to fabricate the jewelry.

Donna D'Aquino

Bethel, ME

Booth #118

D’Aquino’s original work of 3D linear drawings evolved to 3D objects meant to be worn on the body and displayed as a piece of art on the wall. Inspired by interior and exterior architectural structures, the work consists of a series of objects that reflect an exploration of line, form, volume, movement, structure, geometry, space, light and shadow.

Sharon Donovan

Ann Arbor, MI

Booth #315

In '94, I invented my technique; hand-built frames, both jewelry & permanent loom in which to weave. Now evolved; minimized metal, past square with swooping beadwork, materials & boundaries stretched, creating lyrical movement, graceful shapes.

Susan Elnora Frerichs

Minneapolis, MN

Booth #231

Drawn to imagery that reflects a connection to spirit, awareness, curiosity, and playfulness, Susan’s work stirs unique individual associations and tends to point to our shared experience of the world. All pieces are hand-fabricated from sterling silver or gold. Shapes are sawed out, refined w/ tiny files; pieces are folded, forged, and soldered together. Susan uses recycled metals and responsibly sourced gems.

Michele A. Friedman

Chicago, IL

Booth #123

Fabricated jewelry in oxidized sterling, 18k Bi-metal & set with my own hand made wool felt "stones". I developed a technique to achieve my goal of incorporating color, pattern and texture into my work by manipulating wool felt into shapes and then treating them like actual stones. Inspired by graphic, product and furniture design and architecture.

Hilary Hachey


Booth #128

My minimalist designs are hand-fabricated in sterling silver and sometimes combined with fabric and thread. I build by sawing, soldering, forging and forming. Other techniques include riveting, piercing, depletion gilding and sewing. Finishes are a combination of oxidation, matte, and semi-matte.

Sarah Hassler

San Francisco, CA

Booth #229

Hand cut and often recycled acrylic and bakelite cold joined with sterling silver.

Brenna Klassen-Glanzer

Minneapolis, MN

Booth #638

Jewelry is fabricated from silver and copper using hollow-form construction techniques, fold-forming and texture. I create contemporary jewelry, drawing much of my inspiration from interesting forms in nature such as seeds, pods, coral and shell. It is a mixture of organic natural forms and modern disigns giving the pieces an untamed yet elegant quality.

Duke Klassen & LaDes Glanzer

Minneapolis, MN

Booth #110

Sterling silver, sometimes with 14kt or 24kt gold or copper. All of our jewelry is fabricated, not cast, designed and finished by us. We use metal sheet or wire, which we forge, bend, or pound into shapes that are silver-soldered to finish. The techniques enable us to combine 2+ metals into 1 piece and make hollow forms to achieve sculptural volume w/o excessive weight.

Susan Mahlstedt

Kansas City, MO

Booth #235

Nature inspired hand fabricated jewelry that expresses the grace and strength found in the natural world. Various texturing techniques such as stamping and carving. Finishes include oxidized and depletion gilded silver. Sterling silver, 18k gold, pearls and various stones as accents.

Barbara Nelson

Saint Charles, IL

Booth #302

I’ve always been a tinkerer & I’ve always loved jewelry. With a background in apparel design, fit, texture & drape are integral to my work. Hand fabricated using saws, texture stamps, hammers, mandrels, files, buffs & a torch. Silver, bronze & stones

Roger Rimel

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #513

I am drawn to natural and man-made surfaces altered by time. Eroded land, cleaved stone, petroglyphs, mended cloth and aerial views are inspiration. Works are fabricated; fusing silver and gold, hammering, chasing and reticulating surfaces, then they are accented by gems and shaped stones.

Suzanne Schmid

Chatham, IL

Booth #305

I was once given a tiny seedling that, with little effort, morphed into a flower. As a jeweler I try to capture that sense of magic in nature and make it personal. Evolving, living jewelry is carefully designed to thrive in one of a kind capsules.

Melissa Schmidt

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #103

The jewelry I create challenges perceptions of what glass can & can't do. With hollow blown glass as a container and a canvas, it appears heavy & fragile, but is lightweight and strong. Lamp worked, annealed, cold worked borosilicate glass with powdered colored glass, frit glass, glass stringers, silver nitrate, slide film images, 18 karat foil leaf and folded origami.

Julie Seymour

Eau Claire, WI

Booth #306

Julie is a self-taught goldsmith. Her work utilizes high karat gold embellished with the ancient technique of granulation.

Matthew Smith

Asheville, NC

Booth #417

I create modern jewelry that merges my graphic design and furniture making backgrounds, with my interest in mid-20th century design.

Trish Stevenson

Black Earth, WI

Booth #613

Original photos are etched into bi-metal made of silver and copper. Metal is then shaped into 3D forms using techniques such as anticlastic forming and forging. Accomplished naturalists, her parents influence continues to reverberate through her designs, which subtly evoke botanic and geologic forms.

Melissa Stiles

Portland, OR

Booth #501

Built individually from industrial materials, I create a framework of metals filled with hand pigmented resin or metal base with a powder coat finish. The resin is layered into the open cells of the metal to create a graphic statement. The powder coating is sprayed onto hand-manipulated laser cut metal with an electro magnetic charge and kiln fired.

Connie Verrusio

Highland, NY

Booth #114

Using materials that are at once unexpected and familiar, I make conceptual jewelry which explores the inherent beauty and resonance of ordinary objects.

Kristin Wornson

Minneapolis, MN

Booth #634

I have a love of wild things and wild places, and a desire to exhibit the beauty that exists there. Each piece of jewelry contains foraged plant material & botanicals as the primary design element; and vividly colored glass & sterling silver as the other components. I hope they encourage a closer look.

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