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Saint Louis Art Fair

2016 Photography Artists

Jill Bedford

Delafield, WI

Booth #400

As botanist, I photograph select heirloom fruits, flowers and vegetables that I grow in my gardens using my 30-year-old medium format FILM camera. I print my photographs from negative originals using archival methods and materials.

Jan Bell

Bowling Green, OH

Booth #219

My work reveals an intimate view of the natural world, reaching into the subtle beauty within a form or landscape. I print all images using archival pigment technology on museum grade fine art papers.

Neil R. Brown

Saint Louis, MO

Booth #301

Neil R. Brown is a St. Louis native and graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute. Neil uses his photographic talents to tell a story about his travels and love of natural beauty. His unique perspective and sense of humor draw you in as a companion on his journeys.

Michael Bryant

Atlanta, GA

Booth #516

I shoot black & white film in a plastic toy camera called a Holga. I print the images on paper that I have silver or gold leafed.

Chris Coffey

Akron, OH

Booth #500

I make Gelatin Silver (enlargement) or Platinum (contact print) images in traditional darkroom from large format negatives (from 4”x5” up to 7”x17”) without the use of a computer or outside service. My work is generated from projects - some lasting as long as 15 years - vs. single images.

Micheal Paul Cole

Hannibal, MO

Booth #508

Silver gelatin and platinum photographs stained and tinted with oil pigments and tar.

Chris Dahlquist

Kansas City, MO

Booth #420

Photographs printed onto gold painted steel. The transparency of the printing allows the luminosity and texture of the underpainting to shine through. Pushing contemporary digital printing techniques to reference the historic photographic process of the orotone. Editions of 1.

Matthew Hemminghaus

Vandalia, MO

Booth #130

I construct the sets of my images from locally and seasonally found objects that give hints to and link the chicken to specific times of my life. I enjoy photographing the chickens in non-farm environments, making people take a closer look at animals they rarely see outside a styrofoam package.

Clifton Henri

Chicago, IL

Booth #303

My photography, which I affectionately describe as Film Stills of an American Story, are themed in the spirit of nostalgia where stories of personal experience, social concerns, and life struggles can be told. These images are meant to empower and inspire all those that engage with them, which also happens to be the creative pulse behind my body of work.

Cali Hobgood

Urbana, IL

Booth #223

My hand-colored black and white photographs are shot with film, printed in a silver-process darkroom and painted with oils. The signed and numbered pieces, each unique, are produced in editions from five to two hundred and fifty.

Alan Klug

Fort Collins, CO

Booth #215

For 30+ years, I have created darkroom photographs. I have transitioned into archival pigment ink printing from my film negatives onto fine art papers which produces uncompromising photographs of the highest gallery quality. Since 1979, despite many miles and rough times, I still use the same camera. I think it has affection for me.

Brian Mancl

Chicago, IL

Booth #227

By using precise and selective framing, I reduce my subjects to their minimal and abstract essence. All work is created using traditional black and white medium format film and is processed and printed in my own darkroom and studio.

Igor Menaker

Grayslake, IL

Booth #312

Photography is, or can be, a way of life. My photography does not capture an objective reality, if such a thing even exists. Using my camera I only aim to express my personal creative vision.

Marius Moore

Gulfport, FL

Booth #120

Still life subjects assembled in studio and lit by continuous lighting. A single exposure is made with a modern camera and vintage lenses. The final image is printed on old-school Baryta-coated paper with a new-school machine. Yin, then Yang.

Lawrence W. Oliverson

Sullivan, WI

Booth #404

My straight photographs decipher or interpret a scene rather than document it. My objective is to create images that transcend the original subject & stimulate an emotional or intellectual response in the viewer.

Christos J. Palios

Baltimore, MD

Booth #410

Raised as a Greek-American, my experiences were influenced by two culture-rich, yet disparate lands. I am a self-taught photographer. My interests lie in the hushed and un-peopled facets of society. I am intrigued by the dualities manifested among urban, industrial, and natural environments, specifically when devoid of human figures, yet not of human footprints.

John P. Scanlan

Glenwood, IA

Booth #323

My work reveals a delicate balance of light and artistic elements that offer a passage through a window to another world. Every image is a silent homage to a location’s particular significance and attraction.

Greg Turco

Jefferson, GA

Booth #135

Commemorative Print Artist Printed with large format printer, pigment-based inks onto fine art papers, mounted to a hardwood cradle with a protective surface. The common thread between my two bodies of work is the nostalgia within the photographs. They are visual representations of the places, things, and ideas that have made my life interesting and captivated my imagination.

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