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2016 Printmaking Artists

Deborah Mae Broad

Hawley, MN

Booth #113

In my printmaking work of wood engravings and etchings, I use animal images to comment on human and animal life. I see every animal as an important and valuable individual with rich inner lives. My animals can represent any one of us, man or woman, young or old.

Lisa Burge

Taos, NM

Booth #619

My works are non-representational oil paintings on panel or paper, and mono-prints in oil. I am interested in mark making, composition, form, and color, and love to build up the pieces layer upon layer, adding and removing information to create a depth and "history".

Amy Carstensen

Tampa, FL

Booth #304

Intuitive, hand-pulled monontypes. Multiple plates of water-based ink layered with additive and subtractive techniques to create single and unique image.

John Costin

Tampa, FL

Booth #512

Hand drawn then etched onto the surface of several copper plates. Inks are hand applied to each plate. These plates must align accurately to obtain a high quality image. The etching is then meticulously hand colored with oils or watercolors.

Steve & Bonnie Harmston

Chandler, AZ

Booth #601

Hand-cut stencils from amberlith film for each color, which sometimes requires 20-40 different stencils and screen set-ups. The editions are very short & limited, usually less than 40 complete images, and are never reprinted again. Each piece is a hand cut and hand-printed original.

Gillian Kemper

Oklahoma City, OK

Booth #631

Oil monotype: lithography& etching ink on plexiglas or copper plates. Plates are are coated w inks, manipulated w brushes,rollers,stumps, fingers etc then transferred to BFK Rives utilizing a Takach etching press. Single & multiple plates may be used.

Andrew Kosten

Brookings SD

Booth #226

South Dakota based Gum Pal Press specializes in traditional, hand printed fine art prints and works on paper. My work exhibits a satirical fascination with the comically bizarre and often dabbles in sociopolitical and historical contexts.

Seung Lee

Cathedral City, CA

Booth #104

I start with acrylic and or oil paint on wood panel or canvas for dividing basic color forms for imaging. Developing negative shapes with random brush strokes. Occasionally, using collage with prepainted paper and reductive method woodcut prints creating strong contrast and many layers with 3D texture and design.

George Raab

Ontario, Canada

Booth #134

Original intaglio prints created by etching, aquatint, engraving, photo-etching, mezzotint and watercolour painting. The plates are hand worked, proofed and printed by manual press. They are a cry for the preservation the wild lands we desperately need in order to know ourselves, and a celebration of our natural heritage.

Grant Silverstein

Mansfield, PA

Booth #628

Classical etchings on copper, drawn entirely in line, with a needle, etched in acid, hand-printed on fine paper in limited editions. Focusing on the human figure, subjects range from mythology to social realism to scenes from everyday life.

Marina Terauds

North Branch, MI

Booth #238

My main inspiration is nature, mythology, legends, fairy tales and folklore. In my art I like to merge reality with imagination, life with fantasy, obtained thing with desire ones. I like symbols and metaphors and use them often. I work with very old intaglio print techniques on copper and zinc plates.

Kreg Yingst

Pensacola, FL

Booth #414

I create single, multiple plate, reduction, and painted block prints (woodcuts and Linocuts).

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