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Saint Louis Art Fair

2016 Wood Artists

Bill Abendroth

Highland, IL

Booth #202

My work is Segmented Woodturning. Precision cut pieces are assembled into a rough shape and hand turned on a lathe. I am able to select different woods (mainly from Southern IL & MO) which provide different colors and grain patterns. I feel honored to give the wood new life as a piece of art.

Michael Bauermeister

Augusta, MO

Booth #509

My work explores natural textures and themes by interpreting them in carved, painted wood using techniques I have developed over the past 35 years. The hewn surface of wood suggests patterns of the natural world while the stained or tinted color reflects the rhythms of our world.

Robert Erickson &Tor Erickson

Nevada City, CA

Booth #306

Tor and Robert Erickson build some 75 pieces of furniture a year, primarily chairs and tables. We create every piece by hand, using mostly regional woods dried in our solar kiln. In recent years, stone and metal have been showing up in our work. We believe in beauty, in a fair curve and in perfect proportions.

Matt Estrada

Murfreesboro, TN

Booth #316

My work is of both form and function with clean lines and a fresh approach to a traditional art form. Some of my inspiration comes from the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and mid century design. I incorporate cedar, reclaimed wood and exterior wood stains to preserve my designs for both indoor and outdoor use.

Terry Evans

Overland Park, KS

Booth #132

My process involves laminating various hardwood lumber, natural veneers, and dyed veneers into a solid block, or billet. The box-making techniques I use are adaptations of basic band saw box production that have been popularized in the last 50 years. I like to think that I have added a few twists of my own.

Matthew Hatala

Danielsville, GA

Booth #419

The main thrust of my work is form, not function. Hollow form vessels turned, shaped from rare wood found worldwide. I am a one-person studio, doing all aspects of design, execution and marketing. The finishes I used are complimentary to the piece. My shop is always open to the public!

Joel Hunnicutt

Siler City, NC

Booth #620

Approx. 20 years ago, I was hooked to woodturning. I want to give wood the luminosity of glass while using forms of ancient pottery. Through segmented woodturning I reinterpret classical forms coupled with 21st century finishes and vibrant colors.

Ray Jones

Asheville, NC

Booth #415

I am fascinated by wood and the intersections of various three-D geometric shapes. I make boxes entirely of wood, including the hinges, fasteners, latches, and drawer slides. Unusual, highly ļ¬gured, and salvaged woods are my materials of choice. Originally trained as an aeronautical engineer, I have been making boxes full-time since 1982.

Richard Judd

Paoli, WI

Booth #611

This sculptural and functional furniture is made using the technique of bent ply lamination featuring beautifully figured veneer faces.

Cliff Lounsbury

Tawas City, MI

Booth #625

I use exotic and rare woods to create one of a kind objects, which challenge the viewers perception of wood as a medium. Started on a lathe, altered by carving and finished with attitude and whimsy.

John Mascoll

Safety Harbor, FL

Booth #606

I started creating wood vessels on a lathe 30+ years ago. My specialty is hollow-turned vessels in a variety of classic shapes to showcase the natural beauty of the woods. My goal is to create pieces that show a connection between my world view and my inner self.

Jay McDougall

Fergus Falls, MN

Booth #406

Free-hand reductive sculpture. I gather my logs from locally fallen trees. My process does not involve any glue-ups, joinery, or lathe-work. I work alone. I deem simplicity to be an elusive yet necessary pursuit, and my work brings it within reach.

Sue Mersman

Wetmore, KS

Booth #133

Sue works with over 185 different woods cut veneer thickness. She uses a handheld fretsaw, sawing the veneers on an angle for a beveled fit. Sue works with only the woods natural grain and highlights. No paints, stains or dyes are added.

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